Power Assemblies for Cabinet Mounting

18th May 2006
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Semikron has developed a new flat SEMISTACK power assembly that simplifies system design for OEMs. By incorporating its low-profile SEMiX IGBTs and bridge rectifiers in addition to a novel DC-capacitor arrangement, it has created a family of flat and compact converter/inverter power assemblies. The new range has a convenient rail system for easy racking of IGBT inverters from 50 to 120 kW and is suitable for most standard industrial applications.
The new SEMISTACK with SEMiX modules boast a maximum width of 130mm, designed to facilitate easy mounting and dismounting in electrical cabinets. This is realised through a drawer arrangement with a guiding rail system, which allows the power assembly to be extracted with minimum system down-time and which also allows the cooling fan to be removed independently and easily. The ergonomic design and protective frame with lifting points and handles allows easy handling of the power assembly and mechanical protection of the components. Furthermore, the flat design results in the efficient use of space by allowing multiple mounting in electrical cabinets, not unlike a bookshelf arrangement. A centrifugal fan rack system below the power assembly cools the pressed-fin heatsink to achieve an optimum thermal efficiency/volume ratio.

The SEMISTACK is driven by Semikron’s SKYPER 32PRO intelligent gate driver which, in addition to basic driver functions, includes protection functions such as VCE monitoring, short-pulse suppression, under-voltage monitoring and interlocking. The highly-reliable electrolytic capacitors are connected to the IGBT through a simple, cost-efficient and low-induction laminated bus-bar. All components are physically well separated in a simple and structured design, reducing EMC interference and the risk of damage during handling.

The SEMiX family includes 600, 1200 or 1700 IGBTs in phase-leg or chopper configurations; and rectifier modules in controlled (thyristor), half-controlled (diode/thyristor) and uncontrolled (diode) configurations. They are based on a common platform and have a common case height of 17mm.

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