Photocoupler enables high speed automotive communication

11th October 2017
Alice Matthews


Housed in a 5-pin 3.7x7.0x2.2mm SO6 package, Toshiba Electronics Europe has unveiled the TLX9310, a low power consumption photocoupler. The new device is intended for high-speed communication in automotive applications, especially Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Integration of a high-power infrared LED and high-gain, high-speed photo IC chip reduces power consumption to below 25% of Toshiba’s current devices (TLX9304, TLX9376, TLX9378) both during standby and active use in automotive applications. Supply current is 0.3mA.

The TLX9310 provides high levels of safety isolation with 5.0mm (min.) creepage/ clearance distances and a 3.75kVrms (min.) isolation voltage.

The low propagation delay of 250ns (max.) permits use in high-speed communication systems.

The operating temperature range of -40 to 105°C makes the photocoupler suitable for demanding automotive applications.

Mass production shipments has commenced.

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