Panasonic Industry’s SP-Cap portfolio of Aluminium Polymer capacitors

7th April 2022
Paige West

Panasonic Industry’s SP-Cap portfolio of Aluminium Polymer capacitors is the ideal choice wherever a low ESR would be the primary consideration for identifying the most suitable capacitor. 

Panasonic’s advanced Solid Polymer technology, the SP-Caps, have proven to be an excellent alternative to multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and pure tantalum capacitors. They require less parts and space on the PCB and provide much better performance, especially for modern and complex low-profile electronical devices, with large capacitance up to 820 µF and a ripple current up to 10.2 Arms.  

Panasonic Industry has expanded the successful technology further with the new KX series – a very high endurance and particularly heat tolerant series. 

Coming with the typically low ESR of 9mohm, a large capacitance, a low-profile, long-life span and high characteristic stability, this latest member of the SP-Cap family stands out with an endurance of 5,500 hours at 125°C. It’s remarkable damp heat specifications – 1,000 hours at 85°C 85%RH – similar to JX series, render it suitable for demanding outdoor applications.

Shahrokh Kananizadeh, Product Manager at Panasonic Industry, understands there are a lot of them: “The KX series has many benefits in a wide range of applications, such as noise reduction or voltage smoothing in base stations, networks, servers, accelerators and industrial equipment. Briefly said, the KX series sets new standards in terms of high temperature reliability – and underlines the superiority of polymer technology for new designs.”

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