OR'ing controller enhances power supply reliability

19th November 2014
Barney Scott

Aimed at improving reliability of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in telecomms, data centers and server duties, Diodes Incorporated has introduced a 40V-rated active OR’ing controller. The ZXGD3108N8 is designed to enhance very low RDS(ON) power MOSFETs, enabling lossy Schottky blocking diodes to be replaced and resulting in a lowered operating temperature and increased UPS system integrity.

By driving MOSFETs in this way, the controller improves the overall system efficiency of standard 12 and 24V common rail systems. The company states that, compared to alternative devices, the ZXGD3108N8 offers the lowest turn-off threshold voltage at less than -3mV. With a tight tolerance of ±2mV, system stability and efficiency is improved under light load conditions.

The controller is also able to sink a current of 5A, ensuring fast discharge of the paralleled OR’ing MOSFETs. At just 600ns, fast turn-off avoids reverse-current flow and prevents voltage dropping on the common rail. In a typical 12V configuration, device quiescent current is specified as below 400µA and standby power consumption under 5mW.

Provided in the SO-8 package, the ZXGD3108N8 OR’ing MOSFET controller is priced at $1.00 each in quantities of 1,000.

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