Next-gen power connectors for railway applications launched

26th March 2019
Lanna Cooper

Smiths Interconnect has announced the release of the next-gen modular Transformer Connector Range - Heavy Power Series, for on-board power applications within the rail market. The Transformer Heavy Power Series employs a specialist do-it-yourself system which is based on the building block principle that allows manufacturers in the railway industry to design their own interconnect solution by procuring the connector’s elementary piece parts. 

This translates into design flexibility and cost savings by reducing supply chain, cabling and maintenance costs, whilst ensuring quick and flexible time to market.

The key innovation of the next-gen of the Transformer Heavy Power Series is Smiths Interconnect’s innovative Tortac technology, which draws on the characteristics of the Hypertac hyperboloid contact on equal pin diameter to feature smaller pitches, higher contact density and higher current ratings.

Suitable for on-board applications requiring the transmission of very high currents such as power distribution, inter-coaches and bogies, the Transformer Heavy Power Series has been designed according to EN50124 PD4 to ensure the reliability of the interconnect solution in high voltage applications operating in a polluted environment. It contributes towards preventing break down caused by overvoltage issues, while ensuring passengers’ safety. In addition, design and testing is performed according to NFF61030 and EN50467.

The connector is available in 1-4 pole versions and supports up to 300A, a voltage rating of 3,600V continuous and a withstanding voltage of 12kV. It is easy to assemble due to the adoption of just three contacts and can be used with cross section cables from 25 to 70mm².

An anti-swaying device on the connector’s back end provides a safe and reliable solution for the cables and simplifies the installation of the jumpers.

A plastic insulator with aluminium frame ensures optimum protection against ballast and allows for weight savings whilst playing an important role in reducing energy consumption. The materials used are in compliance with fire and smoke standards, according to NF F 16-101 and NF F 16-102 and EN 45545.

“Smiths Interconnect has designed a rugged, reliable and high performance modular solution for railway applications, but also for hybrid and electric vehicles and various other industries.” said Paul Harris, VP Sales and Marketing.

“The use of our distinctive Tortac technology further enhances the connector’s performance and pushes the boundaries of innovation in design and manufacture of interconnect solutions to deliver a competitive edge to our customers.”

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