Next-gen closed loop current transducers achieve offset drift

13th September 2018
Alex Lynn


The latest closed-loop Hall effect current transducers deliver the added performance of fluxgate transducers without the added cost. LEM have recently launched six separate families of LxSR transducers called LXS, LXSR, LES, LESR, LKSR, LPSR. 

Based on LEM’s custom proprietary Hall-effect ASIC, the LxSR series transducers offer low offset drift of three to 14ppm/°C, combined with high levels of design flexibility. All families provide options for an integrated voltage reference, an aperture and/or integrated primary conductors and fast over-current detection. Designed for nominal currents from 1.5 to 50A, the LxSR series operates over a temperature range from -40 to +105°C.

The families achieve LEM’s benchmark performance through a patented arrangement of multiple Hall cells in addition to sophisticated offset cancelling techniques. Each transducer is individually calibrated and sensitivity adjustments are stored in the ASIC’s One-Time-Programmable memory. This memory is also used to store a unique ID to provide full traceability of each ASIC.

LEM’s next-generation LxSR current transducers are available now for sampling and production.

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