New Proton-Electrotex products include IGBT module MIHA

1st August 2020
Alex Lynn

Proton-Electrotex continuously works to improve the current product line and develops new solutions in the field of power electronics. Because of this, the company has announced that it is ready to present its latest developments, including the IGBT module MIHA.

The IGBT module MIHA housing with a base width of 62mm and an increased rated insulation voltage of 9,500V. The module has several configuration schemes: half-bridge, lower and upper chopper. A special feature of this design is a wide range of operating temperatures - from -55 to +125°C.

IGBT module MIHA

The modules are designed for switching high-power loads and are used as part of converters and drives of small and medium-power electric motors.

Press-Pack IGBT - module in tablet version with two-way cooling-the sealed design of the module housing makes it possible to work in explosive and aggressive environments. The module has a uniform pressure contact of the active elements, which improves the thermal cycle resistance; in emergency mode, it acquires a stable short-circuited state. The module is applicable for sequential switching circuits and has an operating temperature range - from -60 to +125°C.


Press-Pack IGBT module

The modules are used in flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), static synchronized compensators (STATCOM), static reactive power compensators (SVC), high-voltage DC power lines (HVDC), wind power plants, voltage inverters for solar panels, railway transport, marine electric drive, electric drive of mining and transport machines.

Single component module B0 housing has a pressure-tight design and an insulated base at voltage.


Single component module B0

The modules are designed for use in energy converters, as well as in other DC and AC circuits of various power electrical installations.

Inverter Power Stack - three-phase IGBT inverter with high energy density (9 kW/kg) and high overload capacity. The block contains three half-bridge IGBT modules 1200V/400A. The main features are the IP67 enclosure, the possibility of liquid cooling, the presence of a DC link capacitor and a gate driver with protection (OC, OU, OT, UV).


Inverter power stack

Inverter Power Stack directs current from the vehicle's energy storage battery to three-phase alternating current to power the engine, and is intended for use In: road and off-road electric (EV) vehicles and hybrid (HEV) vehicles.

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