N-Channel MOSFET has lowest maximum RDS(on) rating

23rd December 2019
Mick Elliott

The SiRA20DP TrenchFET Gen IV N-Channel MOSFET from Vishay Siliconix provides the lowest maximum RDS(on) rating at VGS = 10V, and increases power density as the RDS(on) cuts conduction power loss. It is available at New Yorker Electronics. It provides the lowest gate charge (Qg) for devices with maximum RDS(on) <0.6mΩ, thus enabling high efficiency for DC/DC conversion.


The 25V MOSFET also features a gate-drain charge/gate-source charge ratio that reduces switching related power loss.

It reaches the lowest RDS(ON) in its class by reducing any switching-related power loss.

This is achieved by optimising the total gate charge (Qg), gate-drain charge (Qgd) and Qgd/gate-source charge (Qgs) ratio. The very low Qgd Miller Effect charge enables passing through plateau voltage faster. 

The device is a 100% Rg and UIS tested TrenchFET Gen IV MOSFET.

Typical applications include synchronous rectification, high power density DC/DC, synchronous buck converter, OR-ing, load switching and battery management. 

The MOSFET is housed in the conventional PowerPAK SO-8 design, delivering higher power density with no change to its package dimension or its pin configuration.

A 10mil clip reduces any package-contributed resistance by 66%, maximising the performance of the silicon.

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