Motor controllers feature digital DC drive technology

13th April 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

A line of DC motor controllers, which incorporate digital DC drive technology, has been introduced by Sprint Electric. The line includes a wide range of DC motor control, with over 450 models covering both one-phase and three-phase, regenerative and non-regenerative DC motor applications, together with field controllers, digital slip ring motor controllers and external thyristor stack controllers.

The line includes DC drives of the PLX range, which are able to regenerate energy back to the mains supply under braking without the need for expensive, complex intermediate storage, resistive dumping or additional power bridges. PLX DC drives are compact, powerful, flexible and easy to programme, and available in current ratings between 12 and 2250A at supply voltages up to 690VAC.

Designed for use with permanent magnet brushed DC servo motors, DC motor controllers of the XLV range are rated from 2 to 12A and suitable for use on DC supplies up to 48V. The miniature, fast response DC motor speed controllers are offered in a compact, easy to use DIN rail mounting package.

The full range of products covers analogue DC drives from 2 up to 330A, digital DC drives from 12 up to 2250A and digital slip ring motor controllers from 12 to 1680A. Whether in retrofits or original equipment, DC drives from Sprint Electric are being used in many different applications including metal processing, the pulp and paper industry, rubber and plastic processing, lifting equipment, food processing, leisure industries and many more.

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