MOSFET relay suits high-current industrial applications

29th June 2015
Barney Scott

The EPR311A066107EZ MOSFET relay from Excel Cell (ECE), a division of Endrich, is specifically designed for high current applications (continuous: 2.5A, peak: 4A), commonly found in industrial equipment. The MOSFET relay is a possible solid-state replacement for single-pole, normally-open (Form 1A) electromechanical relays.

The EPR311A066107EZ consists of an GaAs IR LED input stage optically coupled to a high-voltage output detector circuit. The detector consists of a high-speed diode array and driver circuitry to switch on/off two discrete high voltage MOSFETs. The relay turns on (contact closes) with a minimum input current of 10mA through the input LED. The relay turns off (contact opens) with an input voltage of 1.5V or less.

A connection from PIN 4 to 6 allows the relay to switch either AC or DC loads. A connection from PIN 5 to 4, with its advantages of reduced on-resistance and higher output current, allows the relays to switch DC loads only. The electrical and switching characteristics are specified for a temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

As with all MOSFET relays, the EPR311A066107EZ generates no EMI/RFI, is highly reliable, has no moving parts, offers a low RDS(ON) and high isolation voltage, and is wave solderable.

The product is suitable for testing instruments, security systems, BMS, IoT, medical equipment, IP cameras and industrial controls.

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