MOSFET drivers optimise dead-time for high power efficiency

26th September 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Featuring adaptive-dead-time and shoot-through protection, the MIC4606 series of full bridge MOSFET drivers has been released by Micrel. The 85V drivers have been developed to address the growing power needs of battery powered tools, uninterrupted power supplies, radio controlled toys and the drone market.

To maximise power efficiency, the driver combines a range of features and technologies. The adaptive-dead-time circuitry actively monitors the full bridge to minimise time between high and low side MOSFET transitions, while the anti-shoot-through circuitry prevents erroneous inputs and noise from turning on both MOSFETs at the same time.

To maximise system efficiency, the MIC4606 driver provides a wide 5.5 to 16V operating supply range. While the 5.5V operating voltage enables longer run time in battery powered applications, the 85V operating voltage provides margins which protect against voltage spikes that are typical in motor drive and power supply circuitry. The drivers, which operate from junction temperature range of -40 to +125°C, are available in a 16 pin 4×4mm QFN package, sold in 1,000 quantities and priced at $1.37.

"The ubiquitous powered tool market has been quietly undergoing technological advances by adding control algorithms to enhance user productivity, safety and product longevity. Micrel's 85V Full Bridge MOSFET driver offers advanced circuitry such as adaptive-dead-time for high power efficiency and shoot-through protection for enhanced reliability," noted Brian Hedayati, Vice President of Marketing, High-Performance Linear and Power Solutions, Micrel. "The MIC4606 is one of the industries' most robust and power efficient Full Bridge MOSFET drivers designed to address a wide variety of applications including stepper motors, DC brushed and brush less motors, and DC/AC inverters."

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