Modular busbar system addresses environmental constraints

15th December 2014
Barney Scott

The development of a power station plant room provided not only logistical and technical challenges but also environmental considerations for Nova Controls during their installation of a water treatment PLC for a Yorkshire biomass site. The performance of Rittal’s Ri4power modular switch gear busbar system helped to deliver the solution that the site demands.

Rigidity and strength of the framework was a priority, and Ri4Power’s welded frame and tested lifting procedures assisted with the panel's installation, which had to be carried out by crane due to the location of the existing site structure.

Safety was a key concern to the end customer, and the internal RiLine60 busbar system was shielded and the panel designed in line with IEC61641 Internal Arc Protection. Form 4 type 6 compartments segregated the control devices, busbar and outgoing terminals, which assisted the cabling on site and offered a higher level of safety.

The panel was located in a plant room with the potential for high levels of moisture and an acidic atmosphere, requiring a tropicalised paint finish to reduce any corrosion or damage to the panel.

In addition to Ri4Power system, Nova also utilised Rittal’s RPE Engineering software to generate design verification documentation, that included heat calculations in line with the latest IEC61439 switchgear and Controlgear standards.

Peter Hubbert, Nova Controls, commented: “Working with Rittal Ri4Power gave us a proven high quality engineered product, incorporating all the solutions required to meet the demanding Form 4 specifications of our client and the power generation market. This highly flexible product allowed us to design and configure individual compartments with a range of versatile multifunction components, affording us a speedy assembly and a vital cost effective solution in this competitive arena.”

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