Miniature bipolar package increases power supply efficiency

10th March 2006
ES Admin
Combining complementary NPN and PNP transistors in the SOT236 package, the ZXTC2045E6 from Zetex Semiconductors produces the drive requirement needed to switch high power MOSFETs and IGBTs in power supply designs.
Supporting a peak pulsed current of up to 5A, the bipolars ensure faster charge and discharge of gate capacitances and so help improve efficiency. Separate emitter pins for the NPN and PNP devices also provide designers with the opportunity to select independent resistor values in order to control gate charge and discharge cycles more accurately.

Occupying a footprint of just 9mm2 and an off-board height of 1.3mm, the dual transistor SOT236 package will help reduce board size and increase power density. Rated for 40V operation, and with a typical gain of 300, the ZXTC2045E6 will suit a wide range of gate driver circuits.

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