Matrix isolation from Artila with robust surge protection

1st June 2020
Alex Lynn

Artila Electronics has introduced a new IoT Gateway Matrix-704 featuring with Isolated / Surge-protected Serial ports that secure the data transmission to increase system reliability in a wide range of demanding industrial applications.

Developers of industrial applications expect reinforced isolation products to provide fail-safe protection from secondary lightning strikes, especially in applications where equipment is installed outdoors and where exposed cables or wires are vulnerable to lightning.

With isolated and surge-protected RS-485 serial port, Matrix-704 Industrial IoT Gateway equips extreme temperatures and wide power supply tolerances, electromagnetic disturbance protection, these specifications help developers enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of their system designs.

With one miniPCIe slot, Matrix-704 can deploy the connectivity technology / RF modules easily, such as LTE/4G, 3G, Wifi, BLE, Lora, thus networks can be easily deployed and extended. The wireless Matrix-704 adapts innovative compact platform —reliable, rugged ARM processor coupled with the open Linux operating system provides the backbone for innovative smart IoT solutions, that makes Artila’s IoT Gateway suitable for many industrial, telecom and automotive applications.

Long lifetimes are particularly important to meet typical product lifetime for industrial uses.

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