Low-profile power inductors for embedded computing systems

6th February 2019
Alex Lynn

At embedded world 2019, Coilcraft’s stand (Hall 3 / 3-550) will feature a broad range of products for embedded applications, including low-profile power inductors with footprints as small as 1.14x0.635mm, maximum heights as low as 0.50mm and current ratings up to 20A. 

The new XEL60xx Series power inductors reportedly offers exceptionally low DCR and ultra-low AC losses, resulting in the high efficiency across a range of frequencies (two to five+ MHz). They are offered with inductance values from 0.15 to 12µH and current ratings as high as 45A, and their soft saturation characteristics can withstand high current spikes.

Our broad range of wirewound ferrite beads include standard package sizes from 0201 (0603) to 1812 (4532). Superior attenuation and frequency performance enable smaller solution sizes compared to traditional thick-film chip ferrite beads. They feature a ferrite construction and heavy gauge wire for high current handling and provide extremely low DCR while maintaining high filtering impedance across a wide bandwidth, up to GHz band.

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