NXP Releases Smallest, Toughest Power MOSFETs

18th June 2012
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NXP Semiconductors N.V. today released its new LFPAK33 portfolio – a range of high switching performance MOSFETs available in an ultra-reliable 3.3-mm x 3.3-mm power package. Unlike many MOSFET packages of this size, LFPAK33 has been designed from the ground up to be a tough power solution.
Incorporating copper clip and solder die attach technologies, it features a market-leading junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius. Nine LFPAK33 power MOSFET types are available immediately.

As electronic devices become ever smaller, components need to shrink to fit the available space and MOSFETs are expected to work under extreme thermal and mechanical conditions. Continuously switching many tens of amps at high temperatures can cause solder joint failure or crack the package case, as the device expands at a different rate to the PCB. LFPAK33 minimizes the risk of this type of damage through its unique construction which allows the exposed SOURCE and GATE pins to “flex” and safely absorb thermally- and mechanically-induced stresses.

“The never-ending trend to miniaturization in power switching applications is driving the need for MOSFET packages that can reliably handle system power requirements while minimizing the PCB space required,” said Dr. Dilder Chowdhury, product marketing manager, standard MOSFETs, NXP Semiconductors. “LFPAK33 builds on the success of NXP’s LFPAK56 package, with comparable performance in an even smaller footprint. These packages have been designed for reliability, with best-in-class thermal performance. There’s no other solution available that delivers this degree of robustness and power in such a small package.”

LFPAK33 is fully compatible with QFN and DFN3333 packages – both in terms of PCB footprint and automated vision inspection. The PCB footprint has been fully tested for compatibility by Norcott Technologies.

Key Features:
-Unique rugged construction, specifically designed for space-constrained power applications
-No wire bonds, best-in-class thermal performance, up to 175°C
-Uniquely resilient to mechanical and thermal stresses
-Exposed leads means improved optical inspection of solder joints
-Low 0.85-mm package height
-Footprint compatible with QFN3333 / DFN3333
-Proven track record from LFPAK56 – “The Toughest Power SO-8”
-NextPower SuperJunction MOSFET technology

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