Korenix Unveils JetNet 3810G Industrial 8 PoE + 2 Gigabit Switch with 12V Power Booster – An Enhanced, Reliable PoE Connectivity Solution for Transit Surveillance Applications!

8th April 2010
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Korenix is proud to release the all new JetNet 3810G Industrial 8-port PoE +2 Gigabit switch with Korenix patented 12~24VDC PoE booster technology, designed to fulfill the specific power input requirements of industrial transportation system networks.
In addition to the designed 8 PoE ports, the switch provides dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for ensuring larger uplink bandwidth transmission in large-scale surveillance applications. To further ensure the high quality and uninterrupted video transmission, the switch integrates QoS video precedence transmission and fault relay alarm functions. Combined with rugged fan-less design, including vibration resistance and -25~70℃ wide operating temperature, JetNet 3810G PoE Booster switch overcomes the harsh environmental conditions and ensures network reliability on all types of public moving vehicles.

Outstanding Interface for Large Video Surveillance Applications
JetNet 3810G integrates 8 PoE ports in a single switch to best fit in large PoE connectivity requiring applications while providing easy installation and significantly reducing the costs of the total networking solution. The ports are IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant and can deliver 15.4W power per port and up to 100W power per unit to PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, PoE Wireless APs, PoE IP phones…etc. and therefore, be easily applied in vehicles or carriages.

12~24V Power Booster for Vehicle Networking
The new PoE switch features Korenix patented built-in vehicle PoE technology – the 12~24VDC to 48VDC power booster for allowing system integrators to deploy standard PoE-enabled devices in buses, ships, railcars and other 48VDC power source lacking environments.

Reliable Video Transmission by QoS
The new Gigabit PoE switch is smartly designed to support QoS for ensuring the high quality of video and VoIP stream transmission by simply adjusting the priority of data transfer. Besides, it combines the fault relay function for providing auto warning when a system failure happens. This greatly reduces failure time and provides uninterrupted and high quality data transmission in mission-critical environments.

All these features greatly reduce wiring costs of the high-bandwidth PoE networking system, providing fast and easy system installation and making the JetNet 3810G series the best cost-effective solution for large-scale vehicle networking system.

Major features of JetNet 3810G are:

* Eight 10/100 TX Power over Ethernet ports plus two
10/100/1000TX uplink ports
* Vehicle PoE: DC 12V~24V input, deliver 8 port PoE @48V
* 802.3af compliant PoE: Total power budget is 100W with max. 15.4W per port
* Two gigabit Ethernet ports for larger uplink bandwidth of surveillance
* Support QoS for optimizing video and VoIP stream
* Fault relay for active warning of port failure
* Rugged aluminum case with IP-31 protection
* -25~70℃ operating temperature

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