Isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter reference design for UPS

1st November 2018
Alex Lynn


The 2kW isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter reference design (TIDA-00951) is capable of power transfer between a 400V DC-BUS and a 12-14 cell lithium battery pack for use in UPS, battery backup and power storage applications. 

This reference design works as active clamped boost converter with ZVS in the backup mode, transferring power from the 48V battery to the 400V DC-BUS. Operating as a voltage fed full-bridge battery charger, this reference design enables you to achieve greater than 93% efficiency when charging a 48V battery from the 400V DC BUS.

This reference design also has built-in protection for DC BUS and battery overcurrent as well as overvoltage protection.


  • Digitally controlled isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter.
  • Operates as active clamp full bridge boost converter with ZCS turn on along with ZVS at high load for the low-voltage FET and ZVS for high-voltage switches.
  • Wide operating range from 36 to 60V battery and 300 to 400V DC bus.
  • Cost optimised design using 100V FET on low-voltage side, eliminates need for parallelling multiple FETs up to 2kW.
  • Fast mode transfer from battery charging to back-up mode in less than 100uS.
  • Uses the TMS320F28033 digital controller present on the TIDA-01281 reference design for controlling the working.
  • High side current sensing for monitoring the battery current based on the INA240 on-board the TIDA-01141 reference design.
  • Uses the reinforced isolated gate-driver UCC21520 present in the TIDA-01159 design for driving the high voltage full-bridge.

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