Investment brings solar energy to off-grid homes in Zambia

8th September 2018
Caroline Hayes


Cambridge-based Azuri Technologies’ distribution partner, Kazang Solar, has been awarded $1.6million from the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) under its Renewable Energy and Climate Adaptation Technologies (REACT), funded by the UK Department for International Development.

The partners have been delivering pay-as-you-go solar home systems to off-grid homes in Zambia since 2016. This funding will allow Kazang Solar deliver Azuri Quad solar home lighting products to more than 7,000 off-grid customers in rural Zambia.

The solar home lighting system uses HomeSmart technology with artificial intelligence to monitor weather conditions and learn usage patterns to adjust output to ensure a full night’s power.

It consists of a 10W solar panel, four bright LED lights, USB port and connectors for mobile phone charging, rechargeable radio and rechargeable torch.

Kazang Solar is the sister company of Kazang, the largest provider of electronic vending services in Zambia. The partnership means that customers in rural areas not only gain access to solar-powered lighting but can also access satellite TV channels, with the launch of AzuriTV, a PayGo solar TV system has a 24-inch slim LED TV, over 100 satellite TV channels, four bright LED lights for use inside and outside the home, mobile phone charging, rechargeable radio and rechargeable torch.

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