IGBT package improves power density & reduces system costs

4th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Addressing the need for increased power density and space saving in applications requiring high efficiency, Infineon Technologies has released a variant of the TO-247 package. The TO-247 4 Kelvin-Sense package provides efficiency levels previously unavailable when used together with the company’s TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT and Rapid diode technologies. 

To reduce the emitter inductance in the gate driving loop, the 4-pin configuration offers a Kelvin-Sense connection. This is achieved by providing an additional connection to the IGBT emitter that serves as the reference potential for the driver. Improving power density and reducing system costs, the TO-247 4 Kelvin-Sense package allows customers to increase switching frequency. Compared to the standard TO-247 3, the variant provides 20% lower turn-off losses and 15% lower turn-on losses when used with the TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT and Rapid diode technologies. This totals a 20% reduction in switching losses.

The company’s customers have proven that by utilising the TO-247 4 package for EU ENERGY STAR certified UPS, for example, power density can be doubled and efficiency improved. The increase in power density enables high power interchangeable UPS racks to be more compact which reduces the cooling effort needed and improves the overall system costs. According to the ENERGY STAR organisation, a certified UPS can cut energy losses in the range of 30 to 55%.

The TO-247 package is suitable for UPS, data centres and telecommunications equipment, with PFC and inverter stages switching greater than 20kHz.

“The TO-247 4 extends the performance of the outstanding TRENCHSTOP 5 technology”, said Roland Stele, Marketing Director IGBT and SiC Power Discretes, Infineon Technologies. “Customers striving for upmost efficiency and high power density will benefit from this package.”

The TO-247 Kelvin-Sense package is offered in two versions: the Rapid 1, optimised for low forward voltage, and the Rapid 2, optimised for low reverse recovery charge. On request, samples are available. At electronica 2014, which takes place from 11th to 14th November, Infineon will be exhibiting the TO-247 package.

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