Hybrid supercapacitors encourage 'energy snacking'

16th November 2017
Caroline Hayes


Hybrid supercapacitors from PBC Tech are thin, lightweight and have a fast recharge capability to charge devices in minutes rather than hours. The company (formerly called the Paper Battery Company) calls this rapid recharging energy snacking.

The Power Responder hybrid supercapacitors are certified to UL 810A and exempt from UN38.3, IEC62133/UL2054.

With thickness as low as 2.1mm and up to 8mm, depending on the model, the capacitors provide seven times the energy density of traditional cylindrical supercapacitors, says company, and are available in capacities of 100 to 14,000 Farads.

When compared with typical Lithium Ion batteries, they provide 10x higher peak pulse power capacity, 100x greater cycle life with 10,000s of cycles to eliminate battery replacement and service costs. They are also claimed to be more reliable in high temperature applications. The lower energy density allows the supercapacitor to hold its charge with a similar low leakage current for safe operation, with no risk of flammability or explosion from over-heating, says the company.

The operating voltage matches that of Lithium Ion batteries, enabling the supercapacitors to replace existing electronics with minimal modifications.

The series consists of the PR0200 (50 x 45 x 2.1mm), FR0800F (50 x 45 x 3mm), PR1000F (50 x 45 x 5.8mm), PR3000F (111 x 245 x 2.3mm) and PR9000F (111 x 245 x 5.3mm) supercapacitors. The 4V devices operate at up to 65°C with less than 3% self-discharge. They can be fully charged in one minute at full power.


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