Hybrid power systems supply agreement signed

21st March 2019
Lanna Cooper

Energy Solutions has announced that they have signed an agreement with Elektrilevi of Estonia, to supply EasyGrid Hybrid Power Systems to the electricity network operator. With a potential value in the first year of £1.4m, the agreement is part of the Estonian operators’ new initiative to offer stand-alone power supplies for new build, remote homes and businesses.

Energy Solutions is a privately owned business based in Rochester, Kent. Established 23 years ago the company has a presence in the marine and automotive markets providing power and control systems for some of the leading OEMS. Over the last nine years the business has expanded and using it’s experience in the non-grid connected power markets has become a supplier in the UK of off grid power systems for both businesses and residential customers.

Development of their EasyGrid and SiteGrid products has bought single and three phase power capacity to areas and sites where connection to the grid is either unavailable or cost prohibitive. The supply agreement with Elektrilevi is a step forward with the Estonian company being the first network operator to seize the potential of off grid hybrid power supply as part of their distribution profile.

The hybrid power systems supplied by Energy Solutions work as a sophisticated battery storage system that integrates with solar and a generator, the units are self-contained, pre-configured and able to be installed anywhere by a qualified electrician. By storing power produced by the solar array in the battery bank owners can use it whenever it is needed, rather than only when the power is being produced.

The generator is linked to the EasyGrid or SiteGrid and will start automatically when the batteries are running low or when there are high peak loads. Unlike running a generator alone the EasyGrid system will ensure maximum use of renewable power; lower the time the generator needs to run - with the benefit of lower fuel costs and emissions as a result; and allow owners to have quiet power at night to run loads.

The stand-alone system frees owners from power cuts and interrupted supply issues - which can be problem for isolated homes connected via a dispersed infrastructure across Estonia.

Sten Aan, Head of International Business at Elektrilevi, explains the company’s introduction of the new systems: “Elektrilevi supplies electricity to almost all households and companies in Estonia. Our role as the network operator is to ensure the constant supply of electricity to our customers. Currently we maintain and repair almost 61,000km of power lines and more than 22,000 substations, covering almost 475,000 customers across Estonia. With the introduction of hybrid off grid power systems we are able to offer a robust and reliable alternative power solution to those customers in isolated and remote locations.”

The agreement will see delivery of the first hybrid units to Elektrilevi in the second quarter 2019 as new legislation allows the operator to offer the off grid option to existing remote and isolated customers as well as new build properties.

Energy Solutions Commercial Director, Mark Penny concluded: “We are delighted to be part of Elektrilevi’s move to supply independent power for off grid properties. Our range of products offer great flexibility in terms of power capacities and integration of renewables, so they are able to supply electricity whatever the size of the property or site, in the most efficient way.”

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