HoloLens 2 has XMReality

24th November 2021
Tom Anstee

XMReality supports remote guidance on HoloLens 2, microsoft’s mixed reality smart glasses. The launch was part of XMReality’s strategy to increase device independence and being present on user’s choice of device.

Being compatible with hololens 2 allows XMReality users to extend and advance the use cases where a hands free operation is essential. It also gives existing HoloLens 2 users the option to use XMReality as their preferred remote assistance solution.

XMReality recently joined the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and keeps improving the user experience on Microsoft’s devices and software. In addition to launching a Microsoft Teams app, XMReality Remote Guidance now runs seamlessly and intuitively on HoloLens 2.

XMReality Remote Guidance use cases on smart glasses range from troubleshooting complex problems, to inspecting and assembling machinery, and onboarding and training new personnel. Today XMReality’s customers already use smart glasses, and XMReality on HoloLens 2 gives them one more option for efficient hands free remote guidance. Hands free usage makes remote guidance safer and more efficient in many situations and the number of smart glasses on the market enabling hands free remote guidance is increasing.

HoloLens 2 are among the very best smart glasses for enterprise use. Untethered hardware, intuitive hands free interaction and a comfortable fit allows for long periods of continous use.” says Alexander Sandström, CTO at XMReality. “With XMReality our users are now free to choose whatever device fits their needs: HoloLens 2 or other smart glasses for hands free operations, a smartphone because it is always there, or a computer for complex guiding sessions.

Microsoft offers several editions of the HoloLens 2, including hardhat integration, to meet the demands of the industrial market. On HoloLens 2, users interact using intuitive hand gestures, with the ability to touch, grasp and move objects naturally for ease of use.

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