High-side current sense amplifier with picoamp bias current

27th September 2019
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The INA186-Q1 from Texas Instruments is an automotive, bidirectional, low-power, voltage-output, current-sense amplifier (also called a current-shunt monitor). This device is commonly used for monitoring systems directly connected to an automotive 12V battery. 

The INA186-Q1 can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from -0.2 to +40 V, independent of the supply voltage. In addition, the input pins have an absolute maximum voltage of 42V.

The low input bias current of the INA186-Q1 permits the use of larger current-sense resistors, thus providing accurate current measurements in the microamp range. The low offset voltage of the zero-drift architecture extends the dynamic range of the current measurement. This feature allows for smaller sense resistors with lower power loss, while still providing accurate current measurements.

The INA186-Q1 operates from a single 1.7 to 5.5V power supply, and draws a maximum of 90 µA of supply current. Five fixed gain options are available: 25V/V, 50V/V, 100V/V, 200V/V, or 500V/V. The device is specified over the operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C, and offered in an SC70 package.

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