High reliability DIN Rail power supplies for medical applications

4th October 2018
Alex Lynn

DIN Rail power solutions for medical applications where which specific special approvals and strict safety standards apply, are available from PULS Power. Medical products and systems generally have very little space available for the power supply and associated hardware, leaving the medical OEM the choice of plug-in or panel-mount power supplies, frequently being an expensive customer-specific solution.

The PULS CP Series of medical power supplies offers designers an alternative. Users can design-in an efficient standard power supply that meets the highest technological standards and is permanently available from stock. The high industrial standard, low heat loss design has many advantages including high efficiency and no noise fan-less continuous convection cooling which supports a healing environment.

The uncomplicated DIN-rail assembly permits flexible positioning of the devices. Optional wall and side mounting brackets offer alternative mounting options. Installation is intuitive with spring-clamp terminals facilitating easy wiring without tools and creating a shock and vibration resistant solution.

PULS DIN-Rail power supplies are durable with a high lifetime expectancy making them suited for many years of use in technical medical devices. They also provide maximum protection for patients and operators by meeting: IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition, the requirements for electrical safety, in particular relating to protective measures for patients and operators. IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition, product standard for the EMC test on medical devices or systems, and two MOPP (Means Of Patient Protection), a duplicate measure for patient protection.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager, for PULS commented: “Medical electronic products and systems can range from patient home and hospital bedside monitoring through to multi-million pound diagnostic systems. They all have two key requirements, high reliability and safety. PULS DIN-Rail power supplies have reliability and safety designed in from the beginning with our no compromise design philosophy and component selection.”

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