High performance AC power sources are now CE Marked

14th December 2015
Nat Bowers


Powerstax announces the availability of two ranges of high performance AC power sources that are now CE Marked and therefore compliant with all relative European EMC and safety directives.

Manufactured by Behlman Electronics, known for providing power sources designed specifically for military marine, air and mobile systems as well as for mission-critical industrial and commercial applications, the CE Marked BLC series 19" rack mount AC power sources provide either single- or three-phase outputs in a range of power from 3 to 9kW while the PF series bench top AC power sources provide up to 1350W.

According to Tim Worley, CEO at Powerstax, the addition of the CE Mark will greatly extend the market opportunities for these high quality, high performance power products. He said: “Behlman has an enviable reputation for AC power products that supply clean, regulated, highly efficient AC power for applications that include precision avionic test and power conversion, ATE, bulk power and motor generator replacement. With this development we now have approved products to take to our European customers.”

BLC series AC power sources provide a clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion. They have a rugged construction and offer users low cost per W. A multi-pulse input transformer ensures low-input harmonic distortion and high power factor while unique protection circuitry provides over-temperature and short-circuit protection, plus voltage fold-back that maintains undistorted waveforms during overloads.

Voltage and frequency adjustment, line drop compensation, phase angle adjustment, external sync and output on/off with remote power connection and now CE Mark are standard. Optional features include fixed voltage and frequency, output transformers, analogue remote control interface, and extended frequency range up to 1,000HZ.

The Behlman PF1350 and PF1351 are compact, PFC bench-top units that combine value for money with performance and flexibility.

The PF1350 has three fixed, selectable output frequencies; 50, 60 and 400Hz, along with two voltage ranges; 0 to135 and 0 to 270VAC. These units offer up to 1350W of AC power from local power inputs between 95 and 270VAC. In addition to their 100% power factor rating, they deliver a clean sine wave output with strong line and load regulation, plus high conversion efficiency levels (normally above 75%) and low total harmonic distortion (1.5% at full load). A unique overload protection system is incorporated, which folds back the voltage to maintain the rated output current without any waveform distortion occurring. A further protection mechanism latches the output open to safeguard the load from harm if short circuit conditions arise, while an internal temperature sensor is also incorporated to prevent heat damage.

The PF1351 provides the same operational performance as the PF1350 but with some additional functionality including a continuously variable output frequency range from 45 to 500Hz. A 45 to 1,000Hz output frequency range version also available. These units can be controlled from their front panels or remotely using an optional RS232 or IEEE-488 interface.

Both the PF1350 and PF1351 power sources are supplied in compact 88.9mm (3.5") profile enclosures that can be easily converted for rack mounting.

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