High insulation voltage optocouplers with 15mm creepage

11th April 2019
Alex Lynn

A new five amp gate drive optocoupler, the ACNT-H343, has been introduced by Broadcom. This new member of the ACNT optocoupler family features more than 100kV/us of high noise immunity and three times faster propagation delay than the previous generation.

The ACNT-H343 is well suited for use in driving IGBT and power MOSFET for applications such as the emerging 690VAC motor drives or 1500V solar inverter.

The ACNT optocouplers have the industry’s highest rated peak working voltage (VIORM) of 2,262 VPEAK in a compact 15mm stretched SO8 package, enabling high voltage insulation and protection in space-constrained applications.

The ACNT family consists of five major product series: 

  • ACNT-H343: five amp Gate Driver (new)
  • ACNT-H870/H87A/H87B: voltage sensor
  • ACNT-H790/H79A/H79B: current sensor
  • ACNT-H61L: 10MBd low power digital
  • ACNT-H50L/H511: 1MBd analog

ACNT optocoupler family features and benefits:

  • Safety approvals for IEC, UL and CSA
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5: VIORM = 2,262 VPEAK
    • UL1577: VISO = 7,500 VRMS
  • Robust, reliable and fail safe reinforced insulation
  • Fifteen millimetre creepage and 14.2mm clearance
  • Compact 15mm SSO-8 package
    • Meets stringent system and equipment regulatory requirements

Samples and production quantities of the ACNT optocouplers are available now through the Broadcom direct sales channel and via worldwide distribution partners.

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