Half-bridge power module enables 99% efficiency

21st May 2014
Nat Bowers

Packaged in industry-standard 62mm housing, the CAS300M12BM2 300A, 1.2kV half-bridge module has been introduced by Cree. This silicon-carbide (SiC) module reduces energy loss due to switching by more than five times compared to the equivalent silicon solution, according to Cree. The company has also claimed that this best-in-class efficiency enables for the first time all-SiC high power converters rated up to the megawatt level.

The all-SiC 62mm half-bridge module’s game-changing switching efficiency and performance allow designers to reduce the amount of magnetic and cooling elements, delivering double the power density and a lower system cost while also reducing end user cost of ownership. Offering a simplified two-level topology that is feasible at higher frequencies, the new module can also eliminate the need to invest in multi-level silicon-based solutions.

The latest Cree SiC power module is available with multiple gate driver options and is pin compatible to standard 62mm half-bridge modules, including IGBT modules rated at 450A or more. This allows designers to quickly and easily evaluate the module’s unparallelled capabilities.

"The new 62mm half-bridge power module is yet another example of Cree’s commitment to the commercialisation of SiC-based power electronics. Utilising our success in large-area SiC power devices, we have extended the benefits of SiC power modules to the 100kW to 1MW power range for applications such as induction heating, central solar inverters and active front-end motor drives. These new power modules are introduced at a breakthrough price-performance point that unlocks immediate cost savings in these applications," comments Cengiz Balkas, General Manager and Vice President, Power and RF, Cree.

John K. Langelid, R&D Manager, EFD Induction, adds: "The drop-in feature of Cree’s new all-SiC power module allows us to achieve 99% efficiency while reducing the power module count by a factor of 2.5 in our existing HF induction heating systems. These benefits are greatly valued as a reduced cost of ownership by our end customers."

The all-SiC 300A, 1.2kV half-bridge module will be available as part number CAS300M12BM2, priced at $451 (USD) each in 1,000 unit quantities.

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