Gate drivers reduce system complexity and cost

30th November 2017
Alice Matthews


A single-channel, isolated, IGBT and MOSFET gate driver in a wide-body eSOP package has been added to Power Integrations' SCALE-iDriver IC family, SID1102K. Featuring a peak drive current of up to 5A, the new part is able to drive 300A switches without boosters; external boosters can be used to cost-effectively scale gate current up to 60A peak.

This device provides N-channel drive for both the low and high side booster MOSFET switches which reduces system cost, minimises switching losses and increases power capability.

Reinforced galvanic isolation is provided by Power Integrations’ innovative, solid insulator FluxLink technology which eliminates the need for optocouplers, improving reliability and ruggedness. SCALE-iDriver technology simplifies design and manufacturing by reducing BOM count; complete drivers can be built using a SID1102K IC and just eight external components. Devices deliver system-level protection features including under-voltage lock-out, rail-to-rail stabilised output voltage - from a single supply rail, high common-mode transient immunity and 9.4mm creepage and clearance.

Michael Hornkamp, Senior Director of marketing for gate-driver products at Power Integrations, said: “The new SID1102K gate-driver IC reduces time-to-market for designers by providing an easy-to-implement, scalable solution which includes critical safety and protection features in a single, compact, robust package.”

Key applications include UPS, standard AC drives and VFDs, photovoltaic/ solar systems, commercial air conditioners, DC chargers and welding equipment.

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