Gate-driver ICs now available with AEC-Q100 certification

6th June 2018
Lanna Cooper

In Nuremburg, Germany at this year's PCIM show, Power Integrations announced that two of its SCALE-iDriver gate-driver IC family are now certified to AEC-Q100 Grade Level 1 for automotive use. The SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ are suitable for driving 650, 750 and 1,200V automotive IGBT and SiC-MOSFET modules, and are rated for peak currents of +/-2.5A and +/-8A.

According to the company, the SID1182KQ has the highest output current of any isolated gate driver available and is capable of driving a 600/1,200V and 820A/750V switch.

The SCALE-iDriver family of single-channel IGBT and SiC-MOSFET driver ICs features Power Integrations’ FluxLink magneto-inductive bi-directional communication technology which sets a new standard in isolation integrity and stability, by ensuring reinforced galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary sides.

FluxLink technology eliminates the need for optoelectronics, which suffer parametric changes with age and relentless thermal degradation that limits operational life time. The use of magnetically-coupled conductors locked into a homogenous thermoset, and high quality insulation also enhances operational stability and longevity.

The devices utilise Power Integrations’ compact and robust eSOP, which offers a CTI level of 600, 9.5mm creepage and clearance distance, and meets automotive 5,500m requirements.

Michael Hornkamp, Senior Director of Marketing for Gate-Driver Products at Power Integrations, said: “Automotive manufacturers require safe, smart and highly integrated solutions for EV and HEV applications including the main inverter, brake chopper, DC/DC battery converter and AC/DC onboard battery-charger designs.

"AEC-Q100 approval for the SCALE-iDriver gate-driver family enables automotive design engineers to increase system efficiency and, for the first time, benefit from this ultra-safe and reliable isolation technology. Our FluxLink magnetic coupling technology permits data transfer with galvanic isolation and includes a minimum internal 0.4mm separation through high quality insulation between the low and high voltage sides. SCALE-iDriver automotive ICs achieve a new level of driver reliability and isolation safety.”

SCALE-iDriver devices minimise the number of external components required, simplifying the BoM and permitting two-layer PCB layouts, which reduces interference and increases the reliability of the whole system.

The automotive DC/DC converter for the secondary-side supply voltage is simplified as only a unipolar voltage is required by the SCALE-iDriver IC.

Built-in voltage and power management circuitry handles the necessary regulation of positive and negative gate-drive voltages. The IC features a range of safety features including Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) for short circuit turn-off and under-voltage protection.

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