GaN transistor shrinks by a factor of eight compared with MOSFETs

3rd January 2018
Caroline Hayes

A 40V gallium nitride (GaN) power transistor from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) is eight times smaller than equivalently-rated MOSFETS.

The EPC2049 GaN transistor offers power systems designers a 40V, 5mΩ power transistor - or approximately eight times smaller than equivalently rated silicon MOSFETs, says the company. It can be used for point of load converters, light detection and ranging (lidar), envelope tracking power supplies, class-D audio, and low inductance motor drives.

The FET has a voltage rating of 40V and maximum RDS(on) of 5mΩ with a 175A pulsed output current. The chip-scale packaging handles thermal conditions better than MOSFETS which are plastic packaged, points out the company, as the heat is dissipated directly to the environment, rather than held within a plastic package.

The transistor measures just 2.5 x 1.5mm (3.75mm2).

The eGaN FET is available for immediate delivery from distributor Digi-Key.


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