Full bridge SiP delivers space savings with flexibility and safety

9th November 2018
Lanna Cooper

The second in a new series of power driver systems in package, the PWD5F60 high density power driver addresses high voltage brushed DC and single phase brushless motor applications. It integrates a 600V/3.5A single-phase MOSFET bridge with gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, protection features, and two comparators in a 15x7mm outline. The thermally efficient system-in-package occupies 60% less board real-estate than discrete components, while boosting reliability and simplifying design and assembly.

As a single phase full bridge module, the PWD5F60 is tailoured for driving brushed DC motors in applications such as industrial pumps and fans, blowers, domestic appliances, and factory automation systems. It is particularly targeted at the appliances using single phase brushless motors that guarantee high durability and efficiency at a reasonable cost. It is also cost effective and convenient for use in power supply units.

With on-resistance of 1.38Ω, the PWD5F60’s integrated N-channel MOSFETs ensure high efficiency for handling medium power loads. The gate drivers are optimised for reliable switching and low EMI (electromagnetic interference), while the integrated bootstrap diodes enable high voltage startup with no need for external diodes and passive components to supply the high side inputs.

Flexibility is assured by two embedded uncommitted comparators that allow an easy implementation of peak current control or over-current and over-temperature protection features. The peak-current control used in conjunction with positioning Hall-effect sensors allows to achieve a stand-alone controller with no need of a dedicated MCU and hence drastically reducing the cost of control electronics.

Further flexible features include adjustable dead time and the option to configure the MOSFETs as a single full bridge or two half bridges. Operating voltage range extends from 10-20V and inputs are compatible with 3.3-15V control signals to ease interfacing with Hall sensors or a host microcontroller or DSP.

Cross conduction prevention and under voltage lockout are already built-in to protect the device by preventing operation in low efficiency or dangerous conditions.

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