Frequency inverters support IE4 motors

19th December 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten


Eaton has further developed its series of compact PowerXL DC1 frequency inverters with new functionalities. The power management company has enhanced its tried and tested DC1 series, which is available now, characterised by its robust design. 

As with the frequency inverters in the DA1 range, the PowerXL DC1 now supports all types of highly efficient IE4 motors, including permanent magnet, brushless DC and synchronous reluctance motors.

As with its predecessor, the DC1 ‘enhanced’ model is easy to use, just requiring basic motor data auto-tuning.

In addition to the V/f control mode, the possibility of Sensorless Vector Control (SLV) is a new feature. This ensures that there is a large torque available, if required, in the lower speed range, as well as a high level of speed stability, opening up new applications areas that involve extreme load fluctuations.

The ‘Fire mode’ is particularly useful for HVAC applications, whereby the standard error and warning messages are ignored. For example, when used in a smoke extraction system, the DC1 carries on working as normal to extract as much smoke as possible from the building.

Additional functions also open up new application areas for the DC1: a second acceleration or deceleration ramp can, for instance, be set for pump applications, and the device switches to these once a certain frequency is reached. In addition, AC flux braking enables a more effective braking performance without the need of a braking resistor.

Over 30 new monitoring parameters have been added, enabling the capture of more status information and thereby improving diagnostics. This includes, amongst others, a kWh display which allows the drive’s power consumption to be determined. The user can also measure variables such as the operating hours of the fan, the internal temperature or fault counter for overcurrent, under/overvoltage and over temperature.

As with its predecessors, the DC1 frequency inverters are quick and easy to commission - it takes just 14 standard parameters for a simple set up. For more complex applications, additional parameters are saved in the extended or advanced parameter area. Once recorded, parameter settings can also be transferred to other devices. As a result, the frequency inverters are particularly well-suited for series applications.

The DC1 series frequency inverters are also extremely sturdy. Additional circuit protection shields the electronics from moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. This increases reliability and prolongs the service life of the device.

The new frequency inverters are 100% backwards compatible with the previous generation. As such, they can be implemented easily into existing applications – with no differences in the enclosure or assembly dimensions (boreholes) or operating requirements. Any existing accessories such as motor chokes, I/O expansion modules or SmartWire-DT modules can continue to be used. Only new versions of the memory stick and the external operating unit are required.

The DC1 is available in four sizes with IP20 protection in the power range up to 22kW. For IP66 protection rating, three sizes are offered in the power range up to 7.5kW. In addition to the standard ModbusRTU and CANopen interfaces, the entire product range can also connect to the SmartWire-DT intelligent connection system as an additional option.

The new devices are integrated into Eaton’s extensive range of energy-efficient solutions for motors. The PowerXL Selection Aid can be used to quickly and easily select the drive required for the relevant application. The online configuration tool shows the corresponding item number, including for the associated switchgear and protective elements, chokes and filters.

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