Formula E team prepares for tough race in Mexico

29th March 2017
Lanna Cooper


The Mouser-sponsored Faraday Future Dragon Racing team is preparing for the fourth leg of the 2017 Formula E championship series set for April 1st in Mexico City.

Lead driver Jerome D'Ambrosio won the Mexico City ePrix last year, and hopes are high for an exciting finish at the very challenging Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, which features a circuit sitting at 2,285m above sea level - one of the highest-altitude tracks in the world.

The team took a technological leap into the future this season with an innovative drive train. Drivers D’Ambrosio and Loic Duval worked out some kinks in the first three outings this season in Hong Kong, Marrakesh and Buenos Aires, tweaking the car to prepare it for the 2.1km Mexico City course that features 18 tough turns.

Mouser is a proud sponsor of the 2016–2017 Dragon Racing team in collaboration with TTI, and valued supplier partners Molex and Panasonic. This is the third straight year that Mouser Electronics is sponsoring Formula E racing, a high-tech sport that is paving the way for future automotive technologies. Formula E features cars powered exclusively by electric power and represents a vision for the future of the motor sports industry, serving as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle.

“Mouser’s commitment to technological innovation meshes perfectly with the team’s dedication to taking the lead in electric car technology,” said Todd McAtee, Vice President, Americas’ Business Development for Mouser Electronics. “With our sponsorship, Mouser is aligning with the pioneers of this new technology. We have high hopes for another exciting year and welcome the opportunity to team up with Molex, Panasonic and TTI.”

“It’s incredible to watch these amazing drivers and their leading-edge cars,” commented Mike Morton, President of TTI Global Sales and Marketing. “TTI proudly supports this high-tech sport that is paving the way for future automotive technologies.”

“Molex is pleased to once again partner with Mouser Electronics to sponsor this exciting racing venture,” said Fred Bell, Vice President of Global Distribution for Molex. “We look forward to watching innovative electric automotive technology in the hands of truly talented drivers.”

“At Panasonic, we are pleased that we can be part of a forward-thinking technology that could determine the future of our automotive industry,” said Jeff Howell, President of Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America.

After Mexico City, the team travels to Monaco on 13th May and then Paris on 20th May. The remaining schedule includes six races in three venues: Berlin on 10th and 11th June (with the latter replacing the scheduled 1st July race in Brussels), New York City on 15th and 16th July and Montreal on 29th and 30th July.

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