FET technology reduces EMI and boosts efficiency

21st May 2014
Caroline Hayes

PCIM 2014: Targeting small motors, i.e. under 100W, the integrated FSB70xxx modules deliver up to 44% better light-load efficiency, compared with the leading competitive device, claims Fairchild Semiconductor. The level of integration and inclusion of the company’s FRFET (Fast Recovery Field Effect Transistor) also increases thermal efficiency to 12%, due to the improved junction to case formation.

There is an inverter output stage for AC induction, brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), with separate open-source pins from low-side MOSFETs for three-phase current-sensing. An interface operates with 3.3 or 5V logic. Isolation rating is 1500V rms/min.

At Nuremberg, the company shared statistics around small electric motors, as used in dishwashers, air conditioners and fans. They account for up to 50% of total global energy consumption, which the company addresses with power management devices, such as the Motion SPM 7 modules, which include the FSB70xxx and which feature the FRFET technology, which was first introduced in the Motion SPM 5 modules.

The FRFET technology in the optimised gate driver for the built-in MOSFETs minimises EMI and losses, says the company, while also providing protection features in the form of under-voltage lockouts, thermal monitoring, fault reporting and interlock function.

The FSB70250, FSB70325 and FSB70625 are available in a PQFN package that can save up to 50% of board space, particularly limited in space conscious domestic appliances. The devices are accredited to Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL) 3.

There is also a free, online loss calculation tool available.


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