Ferrite material experiences low losses at high frequencies

9th April 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

Characterised by low losses at high frequencies, the N59 ferrite material has been introduced by TDK. The material was developed specifically for power supplies and frequency converters that operate with fast-switching power semiconductors on a GaN basis. Optimised for a frequency range from 700kHz to 2MHz, the ferrite material reaches its maximum transmissible power at a switching frequency of 2MHz and an operating temperature of 100°C. The material’s Curie temperature is in excess of 280°C.

The N59 ferrite material is particularly suitable for transformers based on ring core or planar topologies. The outstanding properties of this material will enable considerably more compact power supplies to be designed in future. At the same time, its efficiency is improved due to the low losses of the ferrite material, which is why the use of N59 contributes to significantly greater energy savings.

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