Fast and accurate isolated current measurement with mini transducers

6th December 2018
Anna Flockett

A fast measurement speed, achieved within tight cost and size constraints while integrating the primary conductor in SO packages without compromising the necessary insulation, is often as critical as the other high performances for current measurement in motor-drive applications. That is why LEM’s GO miniature transducers have been designed to achieve a 2µs response time from 2 standard, cost-effective SO8 or SO16 packages for nominal currents from 10-30A.

GO transducers are based on a proprietary CMOS ASIC sensing element which eliminates the magnetic circuit and the magnetic offset. The combination of chopping techniques at high frequency, with internal filters to reduce the noise bandwidth, enables GO transducers to achieve a response time which approaches that of complex closed-loop transducers.

Each GO transducer is tested and individually calibrated at three temperatures. This ensures accuracy over both temperature and ageing by storing drifts of sensitivity and output offset in the ASIC’s on-chip EEPROM.

The integration of short-circuit and over-load detection in the GO series transducers SO16 package provides additional protection for any application where early fault conditions are necessary.

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