Fairchild’s New 1200V Smart Power Modules Deliver Amazing Thermal Performance for Industrial Motor Control

12th November 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

Fairchild has announced its 1200V Motion SPM 2 modules for high-voltage industrial applications. With motors responsible for more than 40% of the world’s power consumption, the new Smart Power Modules match Fairchild’s vision of making the world a cleaner, smarter place by enabling simple and reliable design, high thermal performance and full protection for systems using large 3-phase inverter motors for high energy efficiency.

Fairchild’s latest Smart Power Modules (SPM) integrate critical power management silicon components to help reduce board space and heatsink sizes, resulting in a compact, all-in-one solution for up to 7.5kW, high-voltage designs. Fairchild used the same Direct Bonding Copper (DBC) packaging technologies originally developed for space applications to deliver a junction-to-case thermal resistance that is 15% lower than competing solutions. It also improves overall system reliability for much smoother motor control functions in products such as industrial-grade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, as well as pumps and factory automation systems.

In a single, rugged package, the Motion SPM 2 series for 1200V 3-phase inverterdesigns with currents of up to 35A integrates the following:

• 1200V NPT Trench IGBTs
• Bootstrap Diodes
• Low-voltage and High-voltage Driver ICs
• NTC Thermister
• Full protection suite

 “Inverter systems can control motor speed and power according to load conditions, which can result in 30-50% energy savings compared to non-inverter fixed speed control,” said Taehoon Kim, Vice President, High-Voltage Solutions, Fairchild. “We built the 1200V SPM 2 series so that customers can have better functionality with ease of design, all while offering best-in-class thermal performance and ruggedness for demanding environmental conditions.”

Fairchild is exhibiting at electronica, A4.506. Technical experts are available to discuss and answer questions about the 1200V Motion SPM 2 and other energy efficient solutions.

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