Extra low leakage power supplies suit medical technology

12th November 2015
Nat Bowers

Expanding its Medline family, Powerbox has introduced the OFM30 30W extra low leakage power supplies which offer best in class EMC for CF class medical systems. Designed to meet and exceed new safety standards for medical systems and equipment, the power supplies are based upon an innovative building practice, reducing leakage current below 10µA and offering an EMC Class B average margin of 6dB.

The OFM30 series delivers 30W in continuous operation (peak up to 45W), features Class II double isolation and is UL/IEC60601-1 medically approved.

Combining low power loss switching topology and selected components, the OFM30 series has an efficiency up to 88% whilst, fulfilling the Green Mode requirements of IEC60950-1, CEC Level V, EISA and ErP, at zero load. The OFM30 power consumption is below 0.3W thus assuring the family of its green credentials.

The OFM30 output power is rated at 30W continuously, at 50°C and free convection cooling, although it can respond to peak demands for extra power (e.g. pump systems), allowing up to 45W for 10s, with repetition every 100s. In case of over temperature, the OFM30 integrates a unique protection system operating with linearity, reducing the output power down to 50%, securing the payload to proceed to all appropriated processes to avoid treatment disruption.

Addressing applications demanding high reliability, the OFM30 exploits the benefits of a switching topology based on a front edge fly-back, optimised to reduce components count to 65. This lower number of components contributes to higher reliability, resulting in an MTBF over 500,000 hours and a minimum lifetime expectation of 80,000 hours.

The OFM30 series includes three models: the OFM305025 delivers 12V/2.5A (peak 3.75A), the OFM305026 delivers 15V/2.0A (3A peak); and the OFM305028 delivers 24V/1.25A (peak 1.875A). In case of a need for redundancy or extra power, all products can be connected in parallel without any additional external components. The product is available in an open frame format of 75.5x37.3x23mm (3x1.5x0.9").

The OFM30 series is safety approved according to IEC 60601-1 ed.3, with CB’s by ETL Intertek Semco, and complies with other related IEC 61000 applicable standards and environmental norms RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

Martin Fredmark, Vice President, Product Management, commented: “Safety in medical applications is a must, it is particularly important when designing power supplies for CF class applications, when electrically connected to the heart of the patient, to guarantee the highest level of security. Reducing the leakage current is always an important step forward and we are permanently working on new technologies to improve patient safety.”

Powerbox has also expanded the OFM225 225W series for BF class medical applications with additional voltage options: the OFM2255225 delivers 12V/11.25A (peak 21.66A); and the OFM2255226 delivers 15V/6.66A (19A).

With a high degree of focus on reliability, using a ‘One Step Conversion’ topology, which integrates a PFC delivering high performance at only 50% load, the OFM225 has the ability to safely operate in low airflow conditions, delivering 225W at 40°C ambient in natural convection and up to 325W continuous at 12CFM forced air cooling. The unit can also be operated in parallel mode and includes advanced protection for business continuity.

The Medline 225 OFM225 series meets IEC 60601-1 and 60950-1, EMC IEC60601-1-2, IEC61204-3 and EN55011 Class B safety standards, including corresponding North American versions. It also meets the environmental norms RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

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