European project aims to reduce climate impact of HDVs

23rd December 2016
Alice Matthews


A European project, optiTruck, focusing on reducing the impact of Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDV) on greenhouse gas emission kicked off its activities in September 2016. 

By using intelligent and predictive powertrain control and calibration methods, and the ITS and big data management techniques, the three year optiTruck project targets to achieve a global optimum for consumption of fuel as well as other energy sources and consumables for HDV (40t). 

The automotive industry has made a substantial effort in recent years in developing powertrain technologies to improve fuel efficiency on HDV. Due to increasing freight traffic, however, EC projections indicate that total HDV energy use and CO2 emissions are expected to remain stable at the current level over the long term, if no action is taken.

By integrating predictive powertrain and ITS technologies, the optiTruck – optimal fuel consumption with Predictive PowerTrain control and calibration for intelligent Truck – project will develop a prototype to demonstrate a fuel reduction of at least 20% while meeting Euro VI emission standards for HDV (40t). Fuel reduction will be achieved through the implementation of about ten innovation elements (technologies). Each of these technologies will have a quantified expected contribution to fuel savings and together they form the skeleton of the optiTruck project concept.

Specifically, optiTruck brings together 11 partners from seven European countries who will focus on the creation of the global optimiser which consists of a set of dynamic, intelligent control and predictive components designed for effective powertrain management, utilising the environment data related to the transport mission, road topography, weather and road conditions and surrounding vehicles. During the course of the project, real driving trials will demonstrate the optiTruck solutions.

The project will deliver a comprehensive impact assessment methodology that will extend these demonstrations to a wider evaluation and explore potential benefits of using the rich cloud data sources and powerful computing facilities for modelling and simulation.

The optiTruck project will also ensure a proper exchange of existing knowledge between automotive industries and promote horizontal collaboration in new ways.

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