Ericsson receives Chinese top 10 DC/DC award for its 1/8 brick digital power module

29th September 2009
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Ericsson Power Modules' BMR454 series of digital DC/DC converters has received a top 10 DC/DC award from Electronic Products China magazine, reflecting the company's expertise and commitment to energy efficiency.
The award recognizes those DC/DC products manufacturers who, through innovative features in new products, help the continuous development and improvement of power-supply technology for the industry. The award ceremony took place on September 18th in Beijing at the eighth annual Power Technology conference.

Ericsson Power Modules' BMR454 DC/DC converter delivers double the power of most conventional eighth-brick modules that address a similar range of applications; a wide input voltage range of 36 to 75V, and a tightly regulated output. The BMR454 eighth-brick family delivers up to 240W with an efficiency rating up to 95% at full load and in an industry first, a PMBus interface is included.

The parameters of the BMR454 can be monitored via PMBus, and they can also be adjusted - tailored by the customer or Ericsson - into an endless number of combinations. Exhibiting versatility, the module can be used as an intermediate bus converter (IBC) in front of a range of regulators, or as a traditional DC/DC module powering applications such hard drives, fans and others.

Patrick Le Fèvre, Ericsson Power Modules Marketing Director, said: We're delighted to receive this award in recognition of the technical and commercial merits of the BMR454. It is also very satisfying to be recognized by the Chinese Power Community as a technology leader driving innovation in board mounted products that contribute to lower energy consumption, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Daphne Liu, Executive Publisher of Electronic Products China said, We invited experts to evaluate dozens of DC-DC converters launched after Aug 2008 on the basis of innovative design, significant advancement in technology or application and substantial achievement in price and performance.

The award reflects the maturity of Ericsson Power Modules in the Asia-Pacific region. This is contributing greatly to an increase in local support to customers in China, as well as international customers who are outsourcing parts of their projects and activities in the region.

The 2009 Top10 DC-DC Awards will be announced in the Oct 2009 issue of Electronic Products China with a brief description of each product. 2009 marks the 8th anniversary of Electronic Products China' 'Top10 DC-DC' Awards, which will continue to recognize the best DC-DC converters in the industry in the future.

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