Energy efficient EV charging extends range with 15 minute charge

21st November 2018
Caroline Hayes


High-efficiency charging options for electric vehicle (EV) charging were shown by Delta at eMove360° Europe 2018, including the new DC 100kW EV charger and the 150kW DC ultra-fast EV charger.

The former is equipped with two DC charging guns and one AC outlet, making it capable of charging three EVs at the same time. The LCD panel provides a user friendly interface to inform users of the charging status. The communication protocol is embedded with OCPP v1.5 and OCPP v1.6-J and upgradable to OCPP v2.0 which offers a compatible interface with operators.

The latter is a system that offers a modular, scalable power architecture and the ability to charge four EVs simultaneously. It can provide 100km range within 15 minutes of charging. It boasts six charging guns that are compatible for two DC and two AC charges at the same time. The system is modular and scalable with a capacity of up to 150kW. The two DC charging points are a CCS up to 150kW and a CHAdeMO up to 63kW. Each charging station offers AC charging points, a Type 2 socket of up to 43kW and a Type 2 socket of up to 22kW.

The company also showed the new 100kW power conditioning system (PCS), which is a flexible bi-directional conversion system that converts power between energy storage and the electricity grid, along with energy and grid power quality management features. The bi-directional conversion system converts power between energy storage and the grid, along with energy and grid power quality management features. It supports demand charge management by peak shaving, enables load shifting for time-of-use savings, and provides real power and reactive power compensation to improve power quality. The company says that its PCS allows customers to realise the most value from an energy conversion system.

 Charging-site owners and operators can serve an even larger number of EV drivers with Delta’s 25kW DC Wallbox EV charger. Although not targeted at fast charging, it is suitable for cost-efficient, straightforward installation in parking lots, commercial buildings, hotels and service stations.

The company’s AC Mini Plus EV supply equipment is designed for customers seeking convenient and reliable EV charging devices for residential and commercial applications.

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