Empower showcases integrated voltage regulator

8th March 2022
James Anstee

At APEC 2022, Empower Semiconductor will be demonstrating the industry’s smallest and fastest integrated voltage regulators (IVRs) alongside innovative silicon-based alternatives to conventional capacitors.

In line with its theme of ‘Minimising the Energy Footprint of the Digital Economy’, the company will also be presenting an industry session paper on addressing power delivery challenges of data-intensive, FPGA-based applications.

Empower’s IVRs are high-performance power management chips designed to provide efficiency, size, and cost benefits to energy-hungry, data-intensive, electronics applications by replacing the traditional power management integrated circuits (PMICs) with a single tiny IC. IVRs integrate all the necessary elements into a single device, providing a multioutput DC/DC voltage regulator system with no external components on the PCB. Such integration simplifies the design and implementation of voltage regulation circuitry, improves efficiency by eliminating connection losses, reduces susceptibility to EMI, minimizes the bill of materials, enhances overall reliability, and reduces PCB footprint.

Providing the world’s thinnest, most compact and most flexible capacitor solution, Empower E-CAP™ is a compact, high-performance, configurable silicon-based alternative to multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). E-CAP devices offer a capacitance density that is over five times that of leading MLCCs with improved equivalent series inductance (ESL) and equivalent series resistance (ESR) characteristics that dramatically reduce parasitics.

In addition to seeing demonstrations of IVR and E-CAP technology on the Empower booth (#1824) visitors will have the chance to win a pair of Ray-Ban Stories and an Apple AirTag. Additionally, visitors who register for the conference will be able to attend Empower’s industry session presentation scheduled for 10.40am on Tuesday, 22nd March. Entitled ‘Addressing Power Delivery Challenges for FPGAs in Data-Intensive Accelerator Applications’, this session looks at the importance of dynamic voltage scaling, transient response and integration in delivering voltage regulation schemes that keep energy consumption to a minimum when powering these high-performance ICs.

“With its focus on advanced power solutions APEC is the perfect event to showcase Empower technologies for data-intensive, power-hungry applications,” says Tim Phillips, Empower’s CEO, President and Founder. “For many visitors this will be the first opportunity to see the latest IVR and E-CAP innovations and to find out more about how these solutions are helping to minimise the energy footprint of the digital economy.”

For inquiries about Empower’s participation at APEC 2022 or to arrange meetings with Empower IVR and E-CAP specialists please contact Empower at sales@empowersemi.com

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