Electronic steering system improves manoeuvrability

28th November 2017
Alice Matthews


Available from JOST UK, the TriDec EF-S electro-hydraulic/electronic kingpin steering system can be fitted onto trailers requiring a low trailer neck, such as milk tankers, bulk trailers, low loaders and trailers of monocoq construction. Unlike mechanical and hydraulic steering systems, the EF-S system does not require a fifth wheel unit.

Instead it needs only a king pin to which a steering angle sensor has been fitted, which can represent a significant weight saving because of the lack of a heavy hydraulic pump, or even heavier alternator. This will lead to a consequent improvement in fuel economy.

The EF-S can also contribute to improved vehicle handling at slow speeds. The EF-S system directly follows the truck’s movement for even the smallest steering input, this means that there is no delay in steering reaction. The benefits of this are particularly noticeable at the loading bay, where the driver will find improved positioning accuracy.

Significantly, at higher speeds on straight roads, the EF-S locks the wheels into the straight-ahead position, helping to ensure steady and stable running in the traffic lane.

The design of the EF-S is such that the king pin wedge is equipped with a patented self-centring mechanism, which prevents damage whilst coupling the tractor and trailer.

The advantages of the EF-S can be summed up as:

  • Low neck neck-mounting height required (60mm)
  • Weight saving, leading to improved performance
  • Minimal trailer chassis modifications required
  • Fast and simple mounting

JOST supplies the full range of TriDec steering systems - mechanical, hydraulic and electronic - for both turntable and kingpin steered axles. Its sales team can provide guidance to help identify the most appropriate solution for any given vehicle. Helping to save on fuel consumption, tyre wear, vehicle maintenance and damage repair and mounting time while improving manoeuvrability.

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