eFuse provides robust protection features

29th May 2020
Mick Elliott

Now available from distributor Digi-Key is Texas Instruments TPS2663 device, a positive 60 V and 6 A eFuse with a 31 mΩ integrated FET that is easy to use.

This eFuse features a B-FET driver to control an external N-channel FET in system designs that require protection from input reverse polarity faults and reverse current blocking.

It incorporates robust protection features that simplify system designs requiring protection during system tests such as IEC61000-4-5 industrial surge tests.

An adjustable output power limiting (PLIM) functionality simplifies the system design requiring compliance in accordance with the standards like IEC61010-1 and UL1310. Additional protection features include adjustable overcurrent protection, fast short-circuit protection, output slew rate control, overvoltage protection, and undervoltage lockout.

For system status monitoring and downstream load control, the eFuse provides fault and precise current monitor output. PGOOD can be used for enable and disable control of the downstream DC/DC converters.

The MODE pin allows flexibility to configure the device between the two current-limiting fault responses: latch-off and auto-retry.

Features include an operating voltage of 4.5 V to 60 V (absolute max. 67 V) and an adjustable current limit of 0.6 A to 6 A (±7%). It is IEC 62368-1 certified

Applications include factory automation and controls: PLC, DCS, HMI, I/O modules, and sensor hubs, motor drives: CNC and encoder supply and electronic circuit breakers

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