Efficient and safe use of electric London buses

27th September 2022
Paige West

German technology company volytica diagnostics and Enel X are implementing a joint project for the optimal and safe operation of a fleet of electric buses in London, UK.

The partnership will involve Enel X using the battery diagnostics solutions developed by volytica to ensure the safe and reliable operation the fleet. The launch of the project is scheduled for September.

The collaboration is intended to gather further knowledge on the efficient and safe use of electric buses. It will evaluate the scalability as well as the serial integration of battery diagnostics to improve lifetime, cost-effectiveness, and safety of e-buses. This is important, as while the condition and reliable operation of combustion vehicles can be easily verified, access to accurate information about an electric vehicle's propulsion system is still severely limited. This poses a massive problem for fleet operators, owners, and financers, as the battery accounts for up to 50% of the total vehicle cost, making it the expensive single wearing component of the energy transition. The battery is moreover by far the most relevant unit in an electric vehicle when it refers to performance, range and vehicle lifetime. Therefore, guaranteeing and maintaining battery performance is paramount to ensuring profitability and quality of service. Enel X and volytica intend to further expand and deepen their cooperation in the future.

"Resource conservation and climate protection are central to all our solutions. With the help of volytica's intelligent and independent diagnostics software, we create the possibility to couple sustainability and safety and thus to use our battery assets in a long-term and environmentally friendly way. The goal is to reduce costs and save resources – for both people and the environment, as well as utilise batteries for second life applications," says Valerio Vadacchino, Head of eBus at Enel X.

"We are at the risk of unnecessarily wasting almost two million tons of batteries with a value of up to 100 billion euros due to premature replacement and insufficient exploitation of the cast optimisation potentials Li ion technology offers – every year. To address this, we have developed a technology that makes the complexity of battery systems accessible and understandable. With the help of our solution, we enable our partners and customers to extend the life and profitability of their batteries. More economical batteries will boost the mobility transition – and save precious resources alongside," says Claudius Jehle, CEO of volytica diagnostics.

Both companies began addressing the problems and hurdles of today's market years ago. Since then, they have been working determinedly on the cross-sectoral establishment and strengthening of a resource-saving and safe e-bus market.

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