Dual HV IGBT module is seventh generation for industry

20th May 2016
Caroline Hayes


Next-generation power modules, the X-Series dual HV IGBT modules from Mitsubishi Electric are designed for traction and electric power applications in heavy industries.

Samples of the 3.3kV version, the LV100, were exhibited at PCIM 2016, and will be shipping from March 2017. The 1.7, 3.3 (HV100), 4.5kV and

High-power modules control power conversion in electronic systems in a range of power classes from several kW to several MW. Until now, modules with a maximum voltage rating of up to 6.5kV and a maximum current rating of several thousand amperes have been commercially available.

According to the company, high energy efficiency and power density in inverters is achieved with the use of seventh-generation IGBTs adopting CSTBT (carrier stored trench-gate bipolar transistor) and RFC diodes which keep the power loss in inverter systems low.

Inverter capability is increased by three AC main terminals on the LV100 package which spread and equalise the current density. Maximum performance is reached by an improved package technology and low parasitic inductance, says the company.

The standard package measures 100 x 140 x 40mm.

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