Doherty power amp enables control processing flexibility

30th January 2015
Barney Scott

To address the needs of small cell designers, Cree has introduced the CDPA35045 asymmetric Doherty Power Amplifier (PA) reference design for the 3.5-3.7GHz band. This band is an additional spectrum space intended to complement small cell technology by providing increased wireless system capacity for both licensed wireless carrier services and unlicensed public use, such as WiFi.

Providing 10W average output power and excellent predistortion correctability, this Doherty PA design utilises Cree’s 30W CGHV27030S and 15W CGHV27015S GaN HEMT devices, which can operate with either 50V or 28V drain supplies and enable enhanced design flexibility for telecomms, wideband tactical radio, and radar applications spanning low frequencies to 6GHz.

Cree’s CDPA35045 was evaluated by engineers at Xilinx in a 3.5GHz test radio platform that implemented Xilinx CFR and DPD SmartCORE IP on a Xilinx ZC706 evaluation board featuring the company’s Zynq 7Z045 All Programmable System-on-Chip (APSoC) as the processing engine.

According to Cree, the evaluation proved that the combination of Xilinx Zynq APSoC devices and Cree GaN devices results in efficient, low cost, low power products that enable flexibility of control processing and radio signal. Consequently, the CDPA35045 combined with Xilinx radio signal processing IP is offered as an effective solution for small cell implementation in the 3.5-3.7GHz wireless band.

This combination provides base station designers with a proven design that supports the development of small cell wireless infrastructure equipment, significantly reducing design time and enabling faster product time to market.

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