DC/DC converters offer wide input range of 9-36VDC

11th June 2019
Lanna Cooper

GAIA Converter has released a new family of quarter brick DC/DC converter with unprecedent power 200W and 250W. Referenced as MGDI-204 and MGDI-254, the family provides wide input voltage range of 9-36VDC, making them suitable for 12, 24 or 28V applications in ground-borne industrial or on-board mobile applications.

The family consists today of single output models offering 12V output voltage, capable of delivering up to 16.6 and 20.8A output current with 92% efficiencies in the industry standard Quarter Brick footprint of 57.9x36.8x12.7mm.

The units incorporate a complete suite of protection functions such as under voltage lockout, over voltage protection, current limitation and over temperature protection, all units are permanently short circuit proof.

They can be operated at zero load, and employ soft start to eliminate inrush current during start up.

Modules are operating over a large temperature range from -40°C up to +100°C case temperature.

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