DC/DC buck converter offers reduced EMI/EMC & PMBus

3rd August 2015
Barney Scott

Texas Instruments has introduced the industry’s first 20 and 30A synchronous DC/DC buck converters with frequency synchronisation for low-noise and reduced EMI/EMC and a PMBus interface for Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS). Used in conjunction with TI’s award-winning WEBENCH online design tools, the converters simplify power conversion and speed the power supply design process.

TI’s SWIFT 20A TPS544B25 and 30A TPS544C25 converters integrate MOSFETs and feature small PowerStack QFN packages to drive ASICs in space-constrained and power-dense applications in various markets, including wired and wireless communications, enterprise and cloud computing, and data storage systems.

The highly integrated converters feature 0.5% reference-voltage accuracy and full differential remote-voltage sensing to meet the voltage requirements of deep sub-micron processors. Frequency synchronisation to an external clock eliminates beat noise and reduces EMI. Additionally, the TPS544B25 and TPS544C25 offer pin-strapping that enables the devices to start up without PMBus commands to an output voltage set by a single resistor. Programmability, real-time monitoring of the output voltage, current and external temperature, and fault reporting via PMBus simplify power-supply design, increase reliability, and reduce component count and system cost.

For applications such as enterprise Ethernet switches, TI also offers the UCD90240 24-rail PMBus power sequencer and power manager. Together, the TPS544C25 and UCD90240 provide a complete PMBus PoL and sequencing solution.

The TPS544B25 and TPS544C25's integrated power MOSFETs support 20 and 30A of continuous output current, and the on-chip PMBus interface and non-volatile memory simplify power-supply design and enable customisation. Voltage-control mode with input feed-forward improves noise margin and responds instantly to input voltage changes, and other features include internal soft start, input under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown and a reset function.

Part of TI’s portfolio of industry-leading DC/DC converters, the SWIFT product line includes more than 130 converters with integrated MOSFETs supporting input voltage ranges from 3 V to 28 V. SWIFT products provide high density and performance; power DSPs, FPGAs and other processors; and are fully functional in TI’s WEBENCH Power Design tools.

The WEBENCH Designer and Architect component libraries include more than 40,000 components from 120 manufacturers. TI’s distribution partners update price and availability hourly for design optimisation and production planning. Offered in eight languages, users can compare complete system designs and make supply-chain decisions in minutes.

SWIFT buck converters are available in volume now from TI and its authorised distributors. Packaged in a 40-pin, 5x7x1mm PowerStack QFN package, the 20A TPS544B25 is priced at $4.08 and the 30A TPS544C25 is priced at $4.49 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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